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Your Wholesaler in Decorative Glassware


Duif International is the largest Dutch supplier of decorative glassware. We have more than 60 years of experience as a wholesaler and importer of glassware and have extensive knowledge in this product group.


Duif is well-known for its strong stock positions and promises attractive price-quality, with a lowest price guarantee within our Duif Basic Collection. We offer a commercial on-trend glassware collection, thanks to our deep experience and continuous trend watching. 

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Extensive Glassware Collection

Our product range comprises an extensive glassware collection in various styles, variations and sizes. We are well-known for our broad and deep collection consisting of, among others, cylinder vases, bottles, coupes, candleholders, cognac vases, lanterns, pots, bowls, terrariums, fishbowls, tealight holders and hurricane vases.


The most popular shapes that we offer within our glassware assortment are cylinder, conical, coupe-shaped, egg-shaped, oval, round, taper and square. View our total collection!


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Shapes in glassware 

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Glassware Stocklots


Besides our regular collection, we regularly purchase large quantities of stocklots in decorative glassware from our suppliers. These items are unique leftover products that can be purchased at attractive prices and are primarily meant for volume buyers. Curious? Discover our collection of glassware stocklots!

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Inspiration & Professional Advice

With decades of experience as an importer and wholesaler in decorative glassware, we have built deep expertise towards wholesalers in horticulture, like growers, plant decorators, garden centers and exporters. In addition, we offer an inspiring and comprehensive product range towards retail chains, floristry wholesalers and wholesalers in home decoration.


Duif International has multiple sales channels towards the retail industry. With our online shop and multiple physical locations, we offer the perfect opportunity for parties such as florists and home decoration shops to directly buy our products.


You are always welcome in our Inspiration Center in Warmond to discover our total glassware collection and to get inspired. Our experienced sales representatives will be happy to help you.


Contact our Sales Team or come and visit one of our locations!

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Duif International is the biggest wholesaler of decorative glassware in the Netherlands. We offer an extensive collection of glassware such as vases, trays, pots, candle holders and lanterns. Always in stock, and quickly delivered. Order your glassware online here!


Duif International has an extensive selection of pots, trays, and planters. Always in stock, and quickly delivered. Order your ceramics online here!


Buy your metal and zinc goods from Duif International, from basic buckets to customer-specific designs. Everything is possible with Duif, even custom-made concept development.


Duif International has a large selection of baskets within its collection. We are the ultimate choice of supplier for a wide variety of types and sizes of baskets, developed by craftsmen worldwide.