Our Brands

Our Brands

Colombier Collection

The Colombier Collection is our high-end decoration brand. Our products are designed and made in special colors, sizes and shapes. Their materials can vary between glass, metal, wood and basketry and we make sure these products are of very high quality. Colombier Collection is especially suitable for the hotel and restaurant industry and for luxurious interior decoration.

Close2Real | Silk Flowers

People love flowers. As taste differs, flower arrangement styles can be colorful, arty, modest, trendy, kitsch or natural. A well-chosen arrangement adds the right ambience to any location and event. But apart from that, a nicely decorated arrangement also tells something about the attention that has been paid to it. With this, we mean attention to flowers, ambience and customers.

The only downside to decorating arrangements and looking after them is that it is a time-consuming job. That is why silk flowers offer the perfect alternative! Fortunately, we have the solution. We offer a variety of materials, experience and ideas, which enables us to compose the right arrangements for you.


Brightening up your day, making life just that little bit more beautiful. That’s what MAR10 is all about. A household name and much-loved figure thanks to the popular TV show Ik vertrek, Martien Meiland is the driving force behind the MAR10 brand. All products have been lovingly selected and his colourful personality and passion for interior design goes much deeper than products. And it is this vibe that you can feel in his collection.

MAR10 is about individuality. About feeling good and having flair. That’s why we're targeting buyers who have character. People who are not afraid to enjoy life and who like to indulge themselves now and again. The collection is therefore not only about products; it’s about the experience and how an attractive interior can make you feel.

Read more about MAR10collection and visit also the website www.MAR10collection.nl.

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