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Duif International is home to a diverse range of brands, all of which can be used to create a particular ambiance and experience for the end customer. This diversity is what makes Duif’s product range so unique, as the brands are complementary and impactful both individually and in combination with each other. Our product range is carefully composed of basic, trend and themed products. Through our own styling and trendwatching, we have created a contemporary, distinctive, varied and rich range of products to cater to our customers’ every need. Our brand line-up comprises our own Duif collection and Close2Real.

Duif International

Our Duif collection consists of a great variety of vases, pots for plants and home accessories, including lanterns, wreaths and scales. The products are designed in different coulours, various sizes, special shapes, often made of glass, ceramic, metal of a natural material such as wood, bamboo or willow.

Duif International has an extensive collection of glassware including a wonderful collection of eco glass. Certainly, we guarantee the highest quality of our products.

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Close2Real | Silk Flowers

People love flowers. As taste differs, flower arrangement styles can be colorful, arty, modest, trendy, kitsch or natural. A well-chosen arrangement adds the right ambience to any location and event. But apart from that, a nicely decorated arrangement also tells something about the attention that has been paid to it. 

With this, we mean attention to flowers, ambience and customers. The only downside to decorating arrangements and looking after them is that it is a time-consuming job. That is why silk flowers offer the perfect alternative! Fortunately, we have the solution. We offer a variety of materials, experience and ideas, which enables us to compose the right arrangements for you.

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