Brightening up your day, making life just that little bit more beautiful. That’s what MAR10 is all about. All products have been lovingly selected and his colourful personality and passion for interior design goes much deeper than products. And it is this vibe that you can feel in his collection... read more

“Warm and chic”

A collection that will make you go all warm inside. Martien Meiland drew inspiration from all over the world, far beyond the Netherlands. With a stunning end result: a wide-ranging selection of high-quality products. From furniture to accessories, from rugged to fairy-tale chic. Sophistication and experience come together in the most beautiful materials and unique design. And a passion that is always palpable.

Want to become a dealer or reseller?

Does this approach that is so full of character give you a warm feeling? Does this inspiring mission set your heart racing? If so, join the MAR10 adventure. There are still so many hearts to conquer! We are currently looking for new resellers and dealers for the MAR10collection. Interested? Or do you want more information first? If so, please contact our Sales department on +31 (0) 888 100 100.

Gain inspiration or buy right away?

Come take a look and experience it for yourself! We would love to welcome you at the MAR10 Inspiration House, which is set to open on 17 October. This is where you will find the complete MAR10collection. If you want, you can place your order with one of our sales assistants there and then. Or you can go down to our Cash & Carry store and buy small volumes to take with you right away. And, needless to say, all items are also available to order online. Browse our online shop!

Interested in becoming a sales agent?

We want to grow the brand internationally. To make this happen, we are looking for sales agents to represent the MAR10collection. Our objective is simple: to grow our reseller network outside the Netherlands! We are currently already represented in Germany. Are you enthusiastic and want to spread the MAR10collection to another country? Please contact our Sales department on +31 (0) 888 100 100 or by email on

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All products of the MAR10collection are excluded from sale.