At Duif International, we offer a wide range of job opportunities that vary from working as a representative in our sales team to being a purchaser in our procurement department. We consider our people's job satisfaction and personal development as crucial components that apply to working for Duif International.

"I started working for the company 2.5 years ago and I still love my job. Working for Duif International takes commitment and hard working, but being active on an international level is challenging, fun and there is never a dull moment. Together with the client, we develop (new) concepts to help them to get more out of their business. Cooperation with my customers results in better products and gives me the satisfaction that I need in my daily work." - Ruud Jonkheer, Sales Representative.

Furthermore, we attend several international fairs which can help you expand your client portfolio and achieve the company targets. Are you ready for a new challenge? Contact us now!

(Dutch only!)

  • Medewerker marketing en communicatie
  • Junior Fotograaf